Specialised Insurance Cover for

Your Cherished Horses, Dogs and Cats


In the unfortunate case of death due to disease, accident or humane euthanasia (decided by a  veterinarian surgeon), the insured amount will be paid in full.

This value is determined by age and use of the horse

A Veterinary Certificate is only necessary for horses valued over R500 000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Rand). For values below this amount, a Declaration of Health disclosing any pre-existing conditions, if any, will need to be submitted by the Insured.

Medical Insurance Plans

  • Hospital Cover is for emergency and life-saving, in-hospital surgery and / or treatment. Cover is per event and no excess is applicable. Cover is up to 8 days in-hospital treatment, not exceeding the cover option limit per event, and unlimited days post surgery, only on vet’s recommendation.

    Capacity Max
    • This only covers emergency and life-saving, in-hospital surgery
    • Independent events to the value of R60,000 per event
    • This covers emergency and life-saving surgery and / or treatment
    • Independent events to the value of R40,000 per event
    • This covers emergency and life-saving surgery and / or treatment
    • Independent events to the value of R60,000 per event
    • This covers emergency and life-saving surgery and / or treatment
    • Independent events to the value of R100,000 per event
    • This only covers emergency and life-saving treatment
    • Independent events to the value of R20, 000 per event
    • Cover can be taken from 21 years and older, and will not be cancelled due to age
  • This is medical insurance cover for unforeseen, emergency and non-emergency, injuries and illnesses. Cover is subject to limits per category, waiting periods, excesses and exclusions may apply. All MedAid Cover includes Hospital Capacity Max Cover (R100,000 per event). A veterinary certificate is required on application.

    • Accumulative Annual Limit R25,000
    • Accumulative Annual Limit R50,000
    • Routine Costs are claimable
    • Accumulative Annual Limit R100,000
    • Routine Costs are claimable

Bridge Cover

Another Industry First from Arco 360*


  • Costs related to the cremation of your horse: R6,000
  • Costs relating to the post-mortem performed by a registered veterinarian: R1,500
  • Costs related to humane euthanasia: R1,500

Total claimable amount: R9,000

*3 Month waiting period to claim and this product has to be linked to mortality cover.

Public Liability

In the case that the insured horse causes damage or injury to a third party or their property due to negligence, an amount of no more than R1,000,000 (one million rand) in liability claims is available.

Foetus Cover

The foetus can be covered for the unfortunate case of being aborted or being stillborn. Cover from 42 days of last service date to 30 days old. The mare must be insured. Veterinary evaluations required.

Foal cover

All available insurance cover can be placed on a foal from 24 hours old. This requires a veterinary certificate.

Stallion Infertility Cover

This policy protects a breeding stallion from acute onset of infertility due to disease or accident.

Short Term Cover

30, 60, 90 or 120 Days cover is available at a proportionate rate. The percentage rate is calculated on the nominated value of the horse proportionate to the period of time covered. This product is of most benefit for horse in transit.

Tack Cover

In the case of theft or irreparable damage to any tack insured at fair market value, compensation for this equipment will be made to the Insured.

Horse Box Cover

In the case of theft, fire, third party claims or certain damage to your horse box or truck compensation up to the insured value will be paid.

Personal Accident

This cover refers to bodily injury or permanent disability caused by accident, directly related to the riding, handling or grooming of the insured horse. The person affected must be between the ages of 18 years and 70 years and disclosed in advance as the beneficiary of the policy related to a specific horse. The maximum value claimable is R100,000.

Loss of use

Loss of use is available in parallel with mortality cover. In the case that the horse insured can no longer be ridden for their disclosed function indefinitely, but humane euthanasia is not necessary.

A comprehensive 5 stage veterinary certificate is needed for this cover.

Exclusions: Polo, polo cross, breeding and endurance.

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