In the challenging moments of life, it’s the support and understanding of those around us that makes all the difference, especially by Junelia Carstens’ most heartfelt testimonial.

For many, the bond with their pets, especially horses, is profound and deeply emotional. But beyond this cherished bond, there are teams and individuals who stand as pillars of strength, offering not just services but genuine care and empathy.

Junelia Carstens’ most heartfelt testimonial sheds light on the exceptional support she received from the Arco 360 and GENRIC team during some of her most trying times.

Read her story to understand the depth of our commitment and the lasting impact we’ve had on her life:

Dear Gen, the Arco 360 family and GENRIC,

Last week was not the first time that I have had to share saying goodbye to one of my horses with you. Although the moment itself is never easy; in some way, I am always at ease knowing that Arco will be there with me through all of it.

I would like to take this time to say thank you. I am not only grateful for your wonderful service, but also for the grace and humility with which you go about doing it. I am always touched by your kindness whenever I have to make that dreaded ‘the-vet’s-on-their-way’ phone call – and heaven knows, I’ve been making one too many of those over the past two years! But, despite the heartbreaking outcome of last week, I could sense that you felt Ebby’s loss just as strongly as I did.

It is for these reasons, and so many more, that I am so immensely grateful to have such an amazing team as my service provider; and I can never stop recommending Arco 360 enough to family and friends. You have become a part of my horsey family over the past 7 years and I honestly can’t imagine life without you.

I don’t think a simple phrase as easy as “thank you” will ever be able to convey my gratitude to you; but for now, from the bottom of my heart, my heartfelt thanks from my family to yours.

With warmest regards,


(And hubby Kabous, Hunterbum and mr Whiskels too ❤️)